domenica 15 febbraio 2015

Jonny Football 2nd year on Blue Navy Back is Back?

Ciao Jonny, welcome back in Italy, a little bit late, but ready to play a new season?

 am ready to come back to Milano and play SUBITO! I can't wait to be a part of the team again and grind with everyone to improve every week.

All guys is so exited to get you again on board, and you?

I can't wait to see my Seamen Fratelli.! I can't wait to see the whole Seamen Famiglia.

Our president say "our best pick of the season is Jonathan Dally" what you think?

I am honored to play for our President, he loves football, he loves to compete, and he loves his Seamen family.. I am excited to get back and work with Marco towards winning another IFL Championship

The best moment of your carrier in Europe?

The best moment in my career has to be the last year Italian Super bowl.. A game with everyone playing with all their hearts and executing every play with perfection.  To be at the top of our game, when the top of our game was needed, and winning.!

When you get the feeling then we win the Super Bowl ?

I got the feeling we would win the Super Bowl after the first loss to Parma.. The next week, we came to practice with no energy, like the wind was taken from our sails.. after practice, all the emotion settled from losing our first game and the guys and I agreed that we did not play as good as we can. I told the team that if we put our hearts into practice and learn how to practice like a championship team, that I guarantee we will win the Super Bowl.  That week of practice was the best week of my life, that's when I knew we would win the Super Bowl.

Your best score of last year?

 have many favorite scores of last year, if I had to choose, there would be three that meant the most to me: Throwing Ruben his first TD of the season against the Rhinos was special because I have known him for four years and I've always wanted to connect with him for a touchdown and his catch was pretty difficult to make.. Throwing the TD to Fiammenghi to beat Bolzano in the last minute because the whole team pulled together in the last minutes to win a big game on the road and Fiamma stepped up in a critical situation and delivered.. and the last TD at the end of the regular season because coach Mutti and coach Bravin let me break a personal best and it showed me that the team always wants the best from each player and when you work hard all season, you are rewarded.

Alessio Cavallini will play in Parma the first game of the season, Him 19 years in front of the defense of Parma, how many chance to win?

lessio is a great talent and a great football player.. He is not playing the game by himself, he is playing with a whole NAVY.!!! I think the chances are good every time the Seamen step onto the field.

Champions League, what you think about Pioneers Black Panthers? 

I am excited for the Champions league this year. The Black Panthers AND The Pioneers are both great teams and organizations with much success in the recent past, I look forward to matching up against both teams to see how we can compete. The Seamen did not get much credit for their hard work last year and playing against international teams will show the world what we can really do.!

Your goal for this year? 

My goal for this year is the same goal for last year.. To improve every day, every practice, and every game.  Winning two championships in one season will be hard work, but if we are better every day, we will be hard to stop.

Did you already talk whit Justin? 

I spoke with Justin Bell a little bit before his trip to Italy.. He is a great talent and a great guy.  We talked mostly about what to expect and a little bit about all the players (I have to warn him that Piotta will eat all the fish and that don't make Pezza angry and to stay away from Binda in the locker room).  :)  He will be a great addition to our defense and a great addition to the family.

The regular season, will play a tournament against Panthers, Lions, Giaguari, Rhinos, Giants, 4 team pass to the Play Off, what you think is the team they are stronger this year?

I think everybody will be more difficult to play this year, than last year because we are the defending champions.  Every team will play their best game of their season, against the Seamen because they want to beat the best.  I think Lions Bergamo will be a lot tougher this year, also Parma, Parma is never easy to beat, but now that we have won the last matchup, they will want revenge.

Let us know your dream for the next season.

My dream is to begin next season where we finished last season and continue each day to improve and get better.. I wish that we (every single player) practice hard, work harder, and play the hardest.

We waiting you soon 12 of March 6 weeks 

I cannot wait to return...  28 days.!!!