lunedì 8 dicembre 2014

Justin Bell, from Columbus Ohio to Milan

When you start to think to continue your carrier in Football and why Italy?

I have always wanted to  continue to play football. The opportunity to play came about when Tato contacted me and told me nothing but good things about Italy. 

Let us know your position and your best attitude in football

I believe that in order to have the most success as a player you have to want to do the things that are not coachable such as; give your best effort, know your responsibility, and have the confidence, heart, and courage that you will do your best and perform at your best.

What you know about europe and the football across the ocean

I was not too familiar with how things were with football across the Ocean until I have been doing my research lately. I do know from conversations that I have had that football is something bigger across the Ocean than I have known it to be. And I am looking forward to the actual experience of it.

Tato Zamichieli is our Sport Director he found you, are you surprise when you receive the offer to come in Italy to play whit the Milano Seamen?

I was very surprised when I received the offer. Very happy as well since I have always wanted to continue to pursue a career in football.

Did you already start to talk with your future teammates?
Yes I have communicated with a lot of my teammates through facebook. They seemed as excited to have me as much as much as I am excited to come be part of the team. Looking forward to meeting and playing with them.

New adventure and a season to play in Milan, let us know your expectations 
I expect to have a wonderful experience in a new culture and have memorable good times with good people.

Tell us your philosophy about football 

Football is a team sport. It will always take a team to be close and care for one another as a unit in order to have success as a team. I believe it takes all the way from the coaches, players, fans, and organization to be on the same page as a whole, and support each other in order to have great success.

In USA the football is a religion, in Italy is a restarting feeling, fans and press they are curios, did you want to say something to increase the feeling with our supporter?

Football is a huge part of life coming from where I come from. It has always been a reflection of character. A lot of things seen by the way a person acts on the field has reflected the way the person is (Character wise) off of the field where I come from. The ones that gives effort all of the time and pay attention to detail (even the smallest of things) has had more success on and off of the field compared to the ones who do not.

Do you have something to say to your Teammate about you

I am an easy going person. Also very open to trying things and I am looking forward to getting to know you guys and having a great time. I look at you guys as family now. Can't wait for the opportunity to meet!

Will see you in Milan when? 
I expect to be there the first week of February immediately following the SuperBowl played here.

Did you know Joe Avezzano? Special team coach of Dallas Cowboys, 3 super Bowl Win, in the 2012 was the head coach of the team, was a great man and he die in Milan at 67

I have heard things about him. Heard that he was a great man and has had a successful career in football(Playing and coaching). He is the only three time winner of special teams coach of the year in the NFL. Having special men like that around in a great organization like this gives me more reason to be anxious for the new experience.

Thanks Justin see you in two months in Milan